100 Words and 1 Image

I’ve wanted to start and maintain a blog for over a decade now, and yet I’ve never done it. Even now I have about a dozen articles I’ve sketched that still have yet to see the light. I’ve struggled for a long time (maybe you have, too) with finishing sizable projects. In the past couple of years I’ve begun developing strategies to manage my perfectionism without sacrificing my taste.

This post is the first in what I hope to be a more consistent blog, because one bad post is better than zero good ones. Instead of focusing on perfecting this post, I’m focusing on perfecting my process for writing posts. By optimizing my improvement, I don’t have to sacrifice my quality standards. Rather than judging a post as an artifact in isolation, I will judge it on its contribution to my process. For example, this post is amazing because it exists, and that’s more than I can say for the article sketches collecting dust.

The title of this article is my process for this week. Every week I will publish a new post, potentially with a slightly modified process. This post has at least 100 words and at least 1 image. That’s it. No external edits. No interactive content. No 10-page essay. At the end of each post, I will have a description of the process so we can track its improvement over time. That’s it for now!


  • (at least) 100 words
  • (at least) 1 image

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